This page attempts to take you through a series of videos that explain what Libertarianism is about and how it is practiced. Libertarianism (as we call it today) is the philosophy that this country is founded upon. The words "liberty and justice for all" are more than a catchy turn of phrase that some politicians' speech writer came up with to get votes. These words are the basis of an ideal on which government was founded. Because we are human beings, almost no one can live up to the ideal. Like Christianity, it is a journey not a destination. Like all journeys, if you stop moving it forward, it stops and becomes something else.

I have tried to place these videos in a logical order, starting with what Libertarianism is and ending with Libertarianism as a practice. If you were to sit and watch all of the videos in succession, the entire thing is about an hour in length.


When you hear Ron Paul say that he stands for the Philosophy of Liberty, this is what he means.


This video explains where we are as a nation in our walk with Libertarianism. There is, in fact, NO difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The evidence is in their actions. Even the RNC's hero and general goto guy, Ronald Reagan. When it comes to defending the liberty of individual people, he bats a ZERO. Government grew while he was in office. The national debt grew while he was in office. Personal liberty was eroded while he was in office. He was very very good at making us feel good about it all.


This is a logish video with poor audio quality. It is a speech given by Judge Napolitano while at a function promoting his (then new) book "A Nation of Sheep". The reason that I include it here is that it gives a very clear and succinct history of the philosophy of liberty as we have experienced it as a nation. The thing that I like about´╗┐ Judge Napolitano is that he does not sugarcoat anything and he does not give anyone a "pass" just becasue they belong to a certain political party.


This video explains the story of why things are the way that they are. It is more oriented to human history rather than American history. I found it very enlightening. Though the people that produced the video are no doubt Atheists, I see no conflict with Christianity. Human being are imperfect and this video delves a specific imperfection (greed) that is a theme that exists throughout human history.



What can you do about it. That's the big question in my mind. The forces that keep us in our cage are so pervasive and powerful. What CAN you do? RESIST. That's what you can do.

You must never resist with violence, but with the way that you live your life. Resisting with violence only allows the enemy of liberty (a government) an excuse to oppress you further. The way that you treat others speaks volumes about who you are and what you believe.

Never simply accept it when others attempt to rule you. Never "go along to get along". Those actions make you a part of the problem and those who know the game will count you an idiot. RESIST! In thought, word and deed. It's the only way that you can make yourself matter in the universe. RESIST! Human kind is on the verge of a basic change in the the way we do things.

The world could be one of total prosperity where every human being gets the chance to live up to their full potential and no one lives in poverty except by their own choice. The world can be a place where a government is an afterthought that is rarely taken seriously and is never allowed to grow to the point to where it has the power to oppress its citizens. Communications and information technologies are new in the world. It is no longer possible for one country to attack another without the ENTIRE WORLD knowing about it almost immediately. The level of power that this gives individual people is unprecedented in human history. It is ridiculous to think that this will not change the basic structures of the way we live. However, it can change the way we live for the better or for the worse.

The rulers (I do not mean the governments here) are struggling to control the means of communications between individual people. RESIST! If the rulers are allowed to gain complete control of human communications, it will be the end of liberty for a long long time. Human communication is the key to defeating the cage and ushering in a new era in history where people actually own themselves and not just the illusion of self-ownership.

The only way to resolve the differences between nations is to repress governments to the point to where it has no power to create a problem and allow people to resolve their own differences in lawful ways as they see fit. Most people in the world would never use violence or force to coerce others. Most people do not know that they have the power to RESIST force. Most people in the world are not abject sociopaths such as those who would rule. All a sociopath needs to take over is for good people to remain silent. Remember that sociopathy is a contagious disease. People who are comfortable in a cage think that you belong in one too. People who try to limit your communications with others are those that need for you to stay in your cage. RESIST! They are the ones that are spreading the sociopathy by trying to get you to dislike and distrust others. People that call names when you disagree are trying their best to keep you from discovering your power to RESIST.

Subsidium Non Tyrannus
(never support a tyrant)

Yep. This too.