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Seeking a long-term opportunity System Software Development Engineer for Testing. Key attributes of flexibility and tenacity. Self starting. Solid experience with portability and debugging strategy. Solid craftsmanship and attention to detail. Sound test design, implementation, and documentation skills. I will thrive in friendly environments where creativity and resourcefulness are an asset.


* Professional system software development and testing in many technical and business environments.
* Agile/Rapid prototyping. Developing for test. Test development and automation. Test Deployment and resource management/planning.
* Git, Gerrit, and Jenkins experience.
* Test plan development in various environments.
* Client/server based test harness development.
* Test results analysis development using SQL databases and various other tools.
* Competent use of diverse languages including C/C++/C#, Bash, Make, SQL, Python, others.
* TCP/IP client/server development using various languages, especially Python and/or C.
* Python extension libraries in C.
* Network technologies such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Telnet, XML, HTML, CSS.
* System software development experience under many embedded, POSIX, and Windows OS.
* Debugging experience in many environments, from minimal embedded environments to large integrated environments.
* Software SDK development and maintenance.
* GTK, wxWidgets, FLTK, Xlib, Visual Studio, other GUI toolkits.
* GNU tool chain use and configuration. Crosscompile.
* Linux kernel configuration and patch.
* Build system development and maintenance.
* Hardware debugging and test using oscilloscope, logic analyzer, software, JTAG, BDM, etc.


IBM Austin, TX
4-2014 – Present
Systems software developer
Writing, debugging, and enhancing various tools to use in testing and test management with the Power PC simulation team in a cloud environment. Database design and utilization using Python and Sqlite3, as well as Java. Writing models and other software around the WindRiver SIMICS product. Debugging issues that appear. Maintaining build system using Git, Gerrit, and Jenkins.

Dell Austin, TX
2-2013 – 4-2014
Systems Test Engineer
Recognized the need for and created automated test harness and resource manager for Build Verification Testing for the iDrac server management system. Client server test infrastructure using TCP/IP in a heavily virtualized environment. Developing test analysis tools using Python/Django. Using SVN and Jenkins to implement continuous integration strategy. Dell-specific infrastructure such as Test Bench. Mostly in a Linux environment with Windows. Using Python libraries such as sockets and pickle. Bash shell script.

Nvidia Austin, TX
4-2012 – 11-2012
Systems Test Engineer
Track and maintain testing coverage for the Nvidia CUDA compiler and libraries. Running tests and tracking regression issues using Nvidia specific infrastructure in BVT testing.

AMD Austin, TX
9-2009 – 4-2012
System/Test Software Engineer
Primary responsibility for creating and maintaining memory diagnostic software for low-level and integration testing for the memory controller in AMD's microprocessor products. System board bring-up, including root-causing issues that involve hardware and/or software malfunction using advanced debuggers and JTAG. Diagnostic application development using C++ as well as Python, Perl, and Ruby script languages for DDR memory analysis, testing, and debugging. General systems debugging and problem analysis for power management and other subsystems.

Adeneo Bellevue, WA
12-2008 – 4-2009
Systems Software Engineer
Windows CE board support and device driver development on USB, Ethernet, display, various types of serial, boot loaders, and other drivers, written in C and C++. Processor products from Atmel, PHYTec, Freescale, others. System application development for testing and performance assessment. Using DMM, Oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, etc.

Microsoft Redmond, WA
12-2007 – 12-2008
Software Development Engineer in Test
Working on cutting edge system software of automotive applications in Microsoft Automotive Business Unit. Using CEStress and other tools to do manual and automated testing in a Windows CE environment on the Ford Sync product line. Responsible for driving AEC/NS testing and for designing and implementing test automation in C# and C++ for this aspect of the product.

Asentria Seattle, WA
4-2005 – 12-2007
System Software Engineer
Software development team writing user mode and kernel mode software in ARM/Xscale Linux 2.6 environment. Projects include web server implementation for configuration as well as writing a lot of HTML, CSS, and XML for the actual product configuration pages. Also implemented many utilities and other applications in C, C++, and Lua of various scope that embedded directly in the product or that enhance some aspect of the operating environment for the product. Identifying and selecting open source products required to fulfill business goals of organization. Issue identification, tracking, and resolution.

Vigilos, Inc Seattle, WA
12-2004 – 4-2005
System Software Engineer
System software development team writing user-mode device drivers for Linux. The drivers are used to interface message based protocol of advanced security products from Bosch and DMP to security application via a complex Postgres SQL database. Design, implementation of high reliability user-mode device drivers. Root cause software and systemic issues in my code and others. Process and software documentation.


Associate of Occupational Studies in Computer Systems Technology.
Microcomputer Technology Institute in 6/1988. GPA was 3.8