3D Printer

Link to the 3D printer project. This is the project I am currently working on. The goal is to make a printer that can print metal directly onto a part.

Bows and Arrows

Link to the Bow and arrow project. This project is on the back burner now. My first bow failed the first time I tried to use it, but I am undeterred. When I get the time, I will be giving this another shot for sure.

Melting Furnace

Furnace to use to melt copper, brass, and aluminum. This is a very fun activity. It takes up a lot of space, though. I need to focus on the 3D printer for now.

Make a Crucible

This is how I make crucibles. They turn out pretty well, I think. It is amazing what you can do with a tiny little welder like this one.


Link to the Hydroponics project. This one is on hold for now. Our first attempt to grow strawberries failed miserably and I don't have the time to try to figure out why at this point.