3D Printer Project 

This page is a document describing my 3D printer project. The idea is to create a 3D printer from scratch that can print metals directly onto a part from a 3D model. It is a Rostock style printer that is made mostly from aluminum. This style of printer is also called a "linear delta" printer. It's linear becasue it has 3 parallel columns and delta becasue the position of a slider on each column determines the location of the print head in 3 dimentions. The print volume is about 15" diameter by 24" tall.


I have gotten quite far into making the actual frame of the printer. The next step is to get the electronics working. 


This is a whole bunch of links that I have used at one point or another and found useful. They are in no particular order, but the names are pretty descriptive. If you find something that cannot be reached from here, but is useful for the subject at hand, feel free to contact me here.

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